Experience Japan this Summer! Nature Meets Tradition at Hakone Kowaki-en

Between July 16th and August 31st, Hakone Hotel Kowaki-en will be hosting a special series of summer activities and events featuring traditional Japanese summer rituals, from dressing up in yukata to enjoying the sound of delightful “furin” wind chimes and making your own paper lanterns. Our staff will greet you in yukata to add to the festive atmosphere. The passageway to the resort’s picturesque Japanese garden will be  adorned with 500 lovely furin wind chimes creating the seasonal ambiance and sounds of Japanese summer.

Japanese have a special appreciation for the changing seasons and unique beauty that each season brings. For centuries, people have come up with ways to enjoy the hot and humid Japanese summer, and they remain a big part of everyday life in Japan to this day.

We invite you to experience some of these Japanese rituals at Hakone Kowaki-en this summer. You can also relax at our Japanese hot springs (onsen), which are known for their health benefits.

Summer Activities and Events Menu

Stylish Yukata Rental “YUMENOYA” at Hakone

July 15th – 18th, 10:00 am (11:00 am on 15th) – 6:00 pm

A popular kimono rental shop, “YUMENOYA” based in Asakusa, Tokyo is opening at Hakone Kowaki-en for three days. There are multiple yukata to choose from for both men and women, and trained staff will dress you up. You can enjoy a pleasant stroll or outing while wearing your yukata. The cost starts at 4,000 yen.

Sake Cocktails at the Bar Lounge

July 16th – August 31st

The hotel’s bar and lounge will offer original cocktails using Japanese sake, the rice wine that is becoming increasingly popular among international visitors. Cocktails start at xxxx yen.

Odawara Paper Lantern Workshop

July 16th – August 31st

Paint and draw a traditional Odawara paper lantern with illustrations and characters and create your own one-of-a-kind lantern. Cost: 1,500 yen.

Japanese Culture Room

Available throughout the year, 9:00am-8:00pm, Hotel 3rd Floor.

This room offers guests a place to fold origami, spin tops, play cups and ball, and toss beanbags. English instructions are available. Easy-to-wear kimono are available for rent and commemorative photos can be taken in front of the scenic woodblock print background of Mt. Fuji.

 Paper Balloon or Special Origami Present

July 16th – August 31st

Children of international guests staying at the hotel will be able to receive a present of their choosing, either a paper balloon or “Chiyogami” intricately patterned origami paper for their enjoyment.